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Do you use Google Drive or Google Docs? We also have a sample address list for Google Sheets.

See How to Import Data or Mail Merge Using Avery Design & Print Online

The application will help you locate your file and upload the names, then format the labels the way you want and you're done! Just print the labels, bend the label sheet to pop up the label's edge, grab hold of the edge and peel.

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Now that the mail merge is no longer a mystery, try it out yourself. Because I hate Word in almost every other way, I finally made the switch to Pages and now this darn issue is making it look like I'm going to have to go back. How could this not be a primary feature? You can import your CSV addresses into Address Book, using Groups to divide up your collection and output those to the printed labels.

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It is quick and easy to narrow down your contacts using the search field which will work on whatever you may use as labels in the Notes as well, selecting all then dragging them to a Group which you print. Or just select all the VCards resulting from the search and printing those, without making a Group. Jan 7, 4: Thanks for the help, but I'm not sure I'm being clear. Every day I have a fresh new batch of addresses that need to be made into shipping labels.

I don't want these addresses in or anywhere near my address book where my contacts live. These are specific one-use addresses that I will never see again. And they must remain in the specific order in which they are ouput to the source. So will Address Book mail merge them into a sheet of labels? The last thing I want is a bunch of strangers clogging up my contact list. Jan 7, 8: In the Help window, scroll down to: To insert merge data for one or more contacts using a Numbers document.

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Sheesh, finding Mail Merge in Help is not easy! On this topic, the Pages09 User Guide is as useless as tits on a bull.

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Back to the drawing board. Jan 8, 1: Perhaps somebody in this community could offer you a template to suit your labels. Jan 8, 7: This Jerrold's solution above seems to be the only usable option. It's FAR from ideal, though, because Pages doesn't even support something as basic as standard Avery labels or any other manufacturer , and I don't have time to set up custom templates every time I need a new label type happens all the time. What it comes down to is workflow.

Having to jump through all these hoops to do something as simple as a mail merge for shipping labels is just not acceptable. Except for this small but inescapable problem, Pages would trump Word in a heartbeat. Surely there's a new version of Pages due out soon that will address this sort of thing, right? Jan 8, 9: We've been thinking that for many years now, so far the only changes have been those that support the evolving OS X features, as updates.

I often get the urge, upon reading posts along the lines of yours, to design a set of Pages templates for this purpose. Unfortunately almost never do the people asking the question state what Avery label number they plan to use and since I wouldn't know where to begin I let the urge pass. Apr 29, Stop trying to make Pages do this. You're welcome. Now I am off to buy some stock in Avery, or their Web designer.

This is the slickest little Web doohickey I've seen in awhile.

I can't believe I've had Pages for many years and never run up against this. Truly a ridiculous omission. Apr 30, Aug 30, 7: Copy that label as many times as you need it.

How to create mail merge documents with Pages and Numbers

Oct 19, With a lot of playing around and a fair amount of research as well. I was able to get Pages to mail merge designed labels. First, the issue of design. I could of done this in FileMaker pretty easy, but I needed the output to be tweekable. I was doing name tags, not mailing labels, so needed the first name larger than last, but also to be able to split the company name to two lines if necessary.

I also needed logos to print per name tag. Second, the one label per page issue. This was harder to figure out, but I was exploring the idea that each label needed to be its on text box, rather than the table that the imported Avery Labels template generated, then came across this website: So for the design issue, I created a new document, sized the text box, placed graphics, and added a second text box, also with a merge field, then grouped everything together.

Copied and placed into the document that would be my template. My template, for the name tags is a two column document, no tables or table cells. Just two columns, with the following grouped items inserted right at the text insert area. You'll need to set all the correct margins yourself. But I grabbed them from the Avery file.

Take the Mystery Out of Mail Merge

The Find and Replace of all the section breaks, that created multiple documents. The quick find and replace, then had each name tag stack six per page, as expected. Once it's a template you can call it for re-use, again and again. Oct 20, Ignoring the overly complicated way you went through this, the basic method was worked out by Jerrold, I think, and posted here yonks ago.

I in fact had that link in the first reply in this post. Communities Contact Support.