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Some won't eat honey, although bees produce it naturally, because it commodifies the work of a living organism. For a vegan, breeding chickens for eggs is ethically akin to breeding humans in order to harvest their fingernails. Sure, we don't really need our fingernails, but we can agree breeding a person just for their fingernails would be exceptionally lame — almost as lame as the conditions would probably be in the hypothetical factory farms full of millions of fingernail-growing humans. For some vegans, it's the conditions in heavily industrialized egg farms that makes our consumption of eggs unethical, but even smaller farms are problematic by the standards of most:.

And the old hens aren't the only ones who have reason to side-eye the egg business. Even cage-free, free-range, organic egg companies consider male chicks a byproduct of their industry — millions of them are killed each year because they can't lay eggs, and don't grow fast enough to be raised and harvested for their meat. But vegans also generally avoid eggs laid by happy backyard chickens that cluck and scratch around in the grass all day. So is there anything one can do, according to a vegan, with the eggs chickens bred to lay have laid? Braford suggests giving it back to the chicken:.

It is common practice for farm animal sanctuaries to feed eggs back to their rescued chickens, as it has shown to help them live longer and healthier lives. Chickens are the ones who need eggs the most! This may seem counterintuitive and against the natural order of things, but Braford takes the pragmatic approach that it may not be ideal, but is in the chickens' best interest. Even "heritage breed" chickens lay much more often than wild birds do. Conquering the Fear of Public Speaking.

The humble egg sits at the intersection of food ethics, philosophy, lifestyle and modern industrialization. Vegans object to the commodification of living creatures, and avoid eating food derived from them because of that. The egg industry practice of immediately killing male chicks might end as soon as the year , due to new technology that allows farmers to tell the sex of a chick inside an egg, within days of being laid.

The graphics, animations, sounds and storyline are all so well put together, fantastic job! It goes without saying that this game is incredibly cute, but I also found that there were a lot on innovative and unique features in the game.

Such as when the character can go out at night and the way to plant the garden. Both these things and more did a fantastic job at separating the game from other farming sims and I am very excited to see what becomes of it! Hope you don't mind me dropping my video here, a chill video with my gasping at every new adorable thing lol. Keep up the great work! Ahh, it's a sweet little game! I hope you will be able to keep working on it! Have a good day and keep doing what you love!

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I love the game so far but I have a small suggestion. The default white mouse cursor is a bit hard to see in the main menu and game, could you make a themed cursor for the game that would stand out a bit more for those of us that have some level of visual impairment? The only have night time once ever 6 days was weird aslo your night time is brighter then day which was Overall its cute and sweet but it does need a little work and i would love to see what the future holds for our sweet little red head main charater.

The game looks really cute and it's fun to play. I'm definitely looking forward to those future updates, maybe even help by supporting your Patreon. Other than the bugs reported by others, I also ran into one where the player keeps walking into the direction they were walking when first meeting both Ellie and Pico.

Pressing the same direction key afterwards fixes the issue, but I'd suggest you stop the player in their tracks, instead of letting them continue their walk.

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I would suggest to add some more movement animations for the character, specifically interacing with items. For instance, make the player bend over or squat when picking up items from the ground.

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The jumping animation seems good for picking items from trees, though. Another suggestion would be to close interfaces with the escape key, as an addition to the X button on the screen. Also, there's one ingredient which I can't seem to find. It's the one at the right end of the first row of ingredients in the inventory. That was a fun game, I can see this becoming something very big and I like the simple method of creating assets within the game. Hi there! Lovely game, do you have any interest in working with a publisher? I work for one and we are very interested in working together!

Here's our site: I think this is the most graphics-ly pleasing game I've played in a while! I noticed that I was unable to use the Fertilizer and Triple Brew potions, though, and the dash potion didn't work when consumed. It's a great demo and I can't wait to see how the game progresses even further! Aw thank you so much! I'm definitely planning on adding different haircuts and outfits later in development: The potions need to be used a certain way to work, and I think that might have been the issue?

To use the Fertilizer Potion you need to stand over a garden bed where sprouts are growing, and to use the Triple Brew you need to stand over something you can forage like Chamomile or Lavender. The Dash Potion should always work, it might just be hard to notice the speed increase. I'll probably add an on-screen effect to make it more clear that the potion is working. Very cute game! Very relaxing! Looking forward to seeing how this game is progresses and grows! Awesome work!

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This happens to random potion tho Triple Brew seems to be the one that this happens to most frequently , and it go away as soon as I go to bed and start a new day. I also once got froze on trying to feed the animals. The feeding menu disappear and I can't use any command and had to exit the game using task manager. I'm not sure why, I can only runt he game from the itch folder rather than the launch button.

It also runs my Steam VR for some reason, and if I close that, it closes the game out too. What's going on? That was so awesome to be made by one person! I really get adicted until there was no more to do in the game, but I enjoyed so much. I'm so in love with the characters and animals ,and everything! I just played this on Mac! The mac build is working well. If you ever need someone to test an update for Mac let me know and I got you: I really love the music, graphics, and gameplay. The only thing is the dialogue is kinda slow paced for me.

Maybe you can make it so you can skip to the next line by clicking? Thank you for the comment, I was wondering if the Mac build was ok! I will add the option to control the text speed in the next update: So from what I can tell the game looks and feels really good, and the idea behind it is a good one.

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But I don't know if I was just doing it wrong, but I could not make potions once I got the ingredients, as well as there seems to be a weight painting issue if you stand still too long and then move, the models clothes and hair start to float around its body as if they were phasing through it.

These issues could just be my pc since no one else has brought them up but I thought I would mention them. Hey thank you for letting me know about those issues! I tried reproducing the potion bug, but it seems to be working fine. Do you have the right quantity of all the ingredients in the recipe?

Yea i had more then enough and i even tried going to the next day with out selling any potions on the first day just to see if it would fix it, got one of the same potions and it still wouldn't let me make the potion even though I had all three ingredients, it was the fertilizer potion. And it is highly possible that the clothing thing was a lag issue as the game ran at about 10 fps on my rig, just seemed like a weight painting issue to me, with the way they were kind of floating through the body, could be the same issue with the potions, it may just not be activating the button because of lag.

So this already looks like a really nice game, however I am unable to play it as Unreal Engine is supposedly missing the D3D file and causing the game to crash before the menu even comes up. Hi, I'm really sorry about that! I will look into it and see if I can reproduce the crash and prevent it.

If you haven't tried already, maybe restart your computer and download the file again, it seems to fix the issue for some people. Alright I'll try that, but before I do, do you want the error code number? Okay so the code it gives me is Fatal Error code '0xA'.

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Hopefully the restart will clear things up for me. For a game in development for only two or so months, it looks so cute and soft! The animal character designs look great and I can already see some personality to them in the screenshots so I can't wait to see what else you produce.